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Dr. Rubar S. Sandi   Dr. Rubar S. Sandi, Chairman & CEO

Emerging in the early 20th century, The Sandi Group (TSG) realized the pivotal role of emerging markets in the global economy. From Asia Pacific to Africa and the Middle East, we have successfully provided infrastructure improvement and modernization, financing, information, training and technology, security and security technology, logistics and life support, which benefits local economies and aspirations. TSG has worked with many US and foreign government agencies, multinational and regional corporations, NGOs and media organizations.

TSG is a uniquely positioned company, eager to provide innovative solutions to today’s global economic challenges. Our system of operation has been time-tested and proven to be rewarding for many investors, partners and communities alike. Our unwavering philosophy to create an economic environment mutually beneficial to multiple individuals and groups at multiple levels, has given us credibility and trust.

In every market TSG has been active in, we’ve played a major role in the development of the private sector and in the process, created thousands of work opportunities for local citizens. Going forward, we will continue to invest and expand our operations, deepen our superb management team, our core businesses and partnerships.

We will also adhere to our corporate philosophy of not simply doing well in developing regions, but meeting and exceeding our customer’s requirements and expectations consistently.

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