Angola is a Southern African nation whose varied terrain encompasses tropical Atlantic beaches, a labyrinthine system of rivers and Sub-Saharan desert that extends across the border into Namibia.
Angola is reliant on, and is one of Africa's major oil producers. Much of Angola's oil wealth
lies in Cabinda province, where a decades-long separatist conflict took place. Angola
officially became the 12th member of OPEC in 2007, it boasts about 9.5 billion barrels in
proven crude oil reserves, and is the 16th largest oil producer in the world and 2nd largest in
Sub-Saharan Africa (behind Nigeria). Oil represents 40% of Angola’s GDP and 95% of its
FOREX (China being the largest importer at 43%, followed by US).


After numerous meetings and discussion with our many partners that have strong credentials
in banking and in the region, we have decided that the best way forward, in Angola, is to
establish a new bank in Angola. This new bank will include, subject to receiving an Angolan
banking license, a US dollar correspondent bank, which is essential for USD transactions.
TSG has funds set aside to invest in this new bank.
Power Generation

This project consists of 1,250 MW Gas Power Plant (made up of 7 individual Gas Power Plants), number of Mobile 300kW-2 MW Hydro Power Plants, which are modular and can be stacked up to 1,000 MW (We are preparing a proposal for a Solar (and Wind combined) Power Plant Project). The Power Plants are now readily available and an important part of this project is the employment and training of the local management and staff.

These power plants can either be:
(i) Operated on a commercial basis (with a government secured Power Purchase Agreement)
by our partners with local management and transferred to the Government at the end of the term; or
(ii) Transferred to, and operated by, the Government, but funded by our partners, with repayment based on USD/kwh sold under a Government secured Power Purchase Agreements.
Consumer Goods Manufacturing

This project is to establish factories in Angola to manufacture consumer goods (e.g. soap, cooking oil, soft drinks, plastic products, etc.). The objective is to reduce importing / increase exporting of consumer good and to create mass employment. This is an on-going, self-funding commercial project, signed with our well-established partners from Mozambique.
Oil Refining

This project consists of the provision of Mini Oil
Refineries (producing 10,000-20,000 barrels per
day). These Mini Oil Refineries will produce
Gasoline Super 93 and Gasoil, products that are
currently imported into Angola.

These refineries are manufactured in the US, will be transported to, and then assembled in Angola. An important part of this project is the employment and training of the local management and staff.

The funding of this project will be repaid through royalty/percentage of products sold, which
will be secured though a Governmental secured purchase agreement.
Oil Barter

This project consists of the selling of Oil Products (initially, Gasoline Super 93 and Gasoil) to the Government and in return the Government will sell us Crude Oil. This will be finance by our partners, with the cost of financing covered by the margin.
Textile Manufacturing

This project is to establish factories in Angola to manufacture textiles. The objective is to reduce importing / increase exporting of textiles and to create mass employment. Eventually, the cotton will be grown locally too. This is a commercial project and is self-funding.
Mining and exploration

This project is to complete the works already started regarding iron-ore and gold mining. In Angola there are many mining opportunities. A number of feasibility studies, exploration studies and assessments have taken place and in some case, test and small-scale mines have started.

This project is very early stage and we are considering taking over the whole project, across the whole of Angola, which would include receiving mining licenses. Once we have completed our due diligence, then the scope will be decided and will then need to be funded.
Border Security

This project is to provide state-of-the-art border and airport security technology by a Washington based company, which has designed intelligence security for many airports around the world including the US. We will provide hardware, software and training. This is purely an investment project funded by our partners, and will be repaid through a fee per passenger program (collected by the airlines).
Medical Tourism

TSG GH has contacts in medical industry and believes medical tourism would be very attractive for Angola. In particular, TSG GH has identified many clinics, which provide routine and complicated procedures, attracting many people from all over the world.
Water purification

This project is to provide sewage and waste water treatment. This is very early stage. This will be a self-funded project with repayment of the investment through a percentage of the income, with the sales agreement with, or secured by, the Government.

This project is to construct, train local staff to manage and operate two 200+ bed hospitals. This will be a self-funded project with repayment of the investment through a fee / patient, with the sales agreement with, or secured by, the Government.
Other projects

We are involved in many other very important projects, at various different stages, which cover:
• Education (establishing an international university, reputable medical school, language centers)
• Agriculture
• Technology and telecoms (mobile phone operator)
A brief summary of
H.E. President Joao Lourenco’s Priority Project - LOBITO
President Lourenco’s vision is to turn Lobito into a successful hub for Angola and Africa, consisting of free trade zones (FTZ), business centers, financial centers, tourist and medical tourist resorts (incl. golf ranges), shopping centers, amusement parks and many other attractions.

Lobito has a population of 324,000. It is 14km from Villa Serena, 13km from Catumbela Airport and 33km from Benguela airport. Lobito Port is located a 4.8km long sandpit, handles 2 million tons of cargo and 370 ships per year. And it is positioned ideally for the new oil refinery.
This project requires:

1. The construction of a dam on the Hanha River (covering 250 HA), this dam will have a 200km2 catchment area, rainfall of 345mm, capacity of +/- 15 million m3. It will provide water security for Angola, Lobito’s population and Villa Serena’s needs.

2. Having completed the dam on the Hanha River, the 200km2 catchment area will
contain 3 designated areas (totaling 1,350 HA) and a game reserve (totaling 7,500 HA).
Area A
Canal Estate & Golf Course, Cliffs Manor Estate Aerodrome, Waterfront & Beach Hotels, Restaurants and Bars.
• Canal Estate (65 HA) – 30 separate islands, with 30m wide canals, 350 lots (600-1000 m2 each) with houses (240-600m2) each with floating jetty, gazebos and swimming pools and 300 luxury apartments, with indigenous landscape gardens, gabion wall construction.
• Golf Estate - 18 hole championship, with a world class club house, 100% irrigation, golf carts and storage facilities, driving ranges, training facilities
• Cliff Manor Estate (26 HA) – 170 Freehold upmarket residences with rim-flow pools, security gate and fencing
• Aerodrome (24 HA) – Aerodrome, with control tower, hangars & offices, and 2,000m tarred runway
• Waterfront & Beach (16.5 HA) – Small boat harbor, mooring, breakwater, yacht club, 1.7km of virgin beaches, 2x 5 star 300 room hotels (with interlinked pools, conference facilities), beach front restaurants and bars, beach and aquatic activities
Area B
Main entrance, Village, Schools, Support Facilities, Nursery, Lobito Classic Golf Estate, Water Front, Hydro-phonics.
• Village (25 HA) – An area with boutique shops, banks, clinic, police station, chapel, service station, business complex, restaurants, international school
• Support Facilities (30 HA) – including water storage, treatment, power generation, sewage treatment, solid waste, maintenance, storage, vehicle storage
• Horticulture facilities (20 HA) – including SOD nursery, landscape nursery, trees for game reserve
• Lobito Classic Golf Estate - 18 hole championship, with a world class club house, 100% irrigation, golf carts and storage facilities, driving ranges, training facilities
Area C
Staff facilities, village, shopping, schools, clinics, irrigated crop farming
• Staff Facilities (120 HA) - including housing, shops, schools and clinics
• Irrigated Crops (60 HA)
Game Reserve (7,500 HA)
Palanca Negra Reserve de Caca, which will be game fenced with 5 start lodges, game Boma’s and 100 luxury tented suites.
• The area will be secure (including gatehouse security, fenced (Bonnox, Electric & Palisade), CCTV, patrols (including vehicles, horseback and drones)
• Will contain plains game & endangered species
• Game Boma’s (including holding paddocks, veterinary services, staff accommodation, support and
vehicle facilities)
• Tree & grass planting program,
• 5 star game lodge, with 100 luxury tented suites, with spa and support facilities
TSG GH is in advanced discussions with several of its multinational partners whom want to be main partners of TSG GH for this project. TSG GH will decide, in the next few weeks, which partners will form part of the consortium to deliver this project. Given Angola’s location of the west side of southern Africa, with 3 coastal ports, roads and railways across the country, and bordering on Congo and Zambia, Angola is ideally located for a logistics hub for all of southern and central Africa.

Establishing Angola as the logistics hub for that entire region, with its own Free Trade Zone, with offices, storage, infrastructure and other services (including reliable security, clearance procedures and legal system) will not only make Angola a logistics hub but will also attract the local operations and the African head offices of International companies.

This project requires, amongst others:
• Construction and upgrade of railways (together with DR Congo)
• New and enhanced roads across Angola
• Construction of warehouse and offices parks near the ports
• Establishing a Free Trade Zone (with security)
• Upgrading the 3 ports (including storage and security)
• Upgrading the airports (including cargo areas)
• Staff housing and/or new cities
• Security systems
TSG GH will consider which of its international industrial and financial partners have the capabilities, scope and capacity to work with TSG GH on all of our Angolan projects (or part thereof).

We will meet the applicable partner to discuss the project and seek proposals from them (covering scoping, timing, indicative costing and proposed financing) for their areas of expertise.

TSG GH will present to the relevant authorities in Angola, the overall proposal for the project (including scoping, timing, indicative costing and proposed financing).

A visit to Angola will be arranged for TSG GH together with the selected partners for detailed project discussions.
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