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ID-NAS: Identity Data- National Automated Systems

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The SAVE (Smart Adjudication & Vetting Effort) solution is an ID-NAS product, delivering comprehensive identity management  solutions. 

SAVE is an end-to-end solution: We seek to assist Governments in protecting vulnerable persons and identifying interested persons, posing potential threats to National Security.

We collect unique identifying data, in the field, for real-time processing of valuable results.  ID-NAS creates a  person-centric, secure identity data profile in NIEM format (National Information Exchange Model), which is housed in a sophisticated Biometric Rapid Authentication and Verification Enterprise, known as BRAVE.

Profiles are automated, and vetted against numerous Agency security partner databases for identity matches and identity assurance.  The data is directly shared to local, state, and federal agencies.  

The overall target system ensures capturing of raw identity data profiles, for ingest, storage, analysis, matching and sharing.  This process assists a wide range of Government Agencies to complete real-time identification and adjudication of persons, optimizing performance and efficient resource utilization, ensuring Mission accomplishment. 

The end result is protection of Nations.  ID-NAS utilizes agile, U.S. Government-approved and cutting-edge technology, to ensure the right person receives the right benefit, allowing Nations to open borders for appropriately vetted persons.

Mission & Vision

Aligned with the U.S. Government, we seek to secure Nations and their borders, through the use of advanced biometric identification, utilizing various multimodal biometrics, for analysis and information sharing. 

Our Solution includes mass scale multimodal biometric in-field services, focusing on Rapid DNA technology.  Biometric identity data is compiled by highly trained technicians.  These services are provided worldwide, with strategically based centralized & mobile locations for real-time data processing.  

ID-NAS has large scope capabilities to manage border and port control, immigration, family reunification, criminal investigations, forensic identification on the battlefield, and deliver immediate disaster relief solutions. 



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