Professor Frank A. Ramaizel, Esq., Senior Consultant – Rule of Law  
Professor Frank Ramaizel leads the Rule of Law division. Before joining TSG GH, he had a long and illustrious career in education and public service. He taught law at universities in California, New York, Washington, Virginia and the European Union. His academic focus is on International Treaty Interpretation and International Rule of Law. Professor Ramaizel is the recipient of two Fulbright Senior Legal Scholar awards for scholarly research in Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan. After retiring as a tenured professor he was asked by the White House to serve in Baghdad, Iraq to represent the US Embassy as liaison to the Ministry of Justice and the Higher Judicial Council. After three years in Iraq, he was asked to go to Kabul, Afghanistan to guide the Minister of Finance through negotiations with the Peoples Republic of China in a long-term 30 Billion dollar mineral extraction contract. After leaving Kabul, Professor Ramaizel joined The Sandi Group. His academic credentials include a BFA, MBA in Finance, J.D. - Law, LL.M. -International Law, and LL.M. - Environmental Law. He is a frequent global speaker on issues of trans-national justice, rule of law, treaty interpretation and negotiating bi-lateral treaties; he has also made many guest appearances on radio talk shows to include NPR.  
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