Surendra Sharma - Senior Advisor  
Mr. Sharma is TSG's senior advisor for their expansion into India. He is responsible for helping TSG identify, invest in and manage opportunities in construction, infrastructure improvement and in industries with a potential for exponential returns from a successful turnaround or expansion. He has well-established relationships across India's corporate and political landscape and consequently, a deeply ingrained knowledge of the Indian system of business and governance. Coming from an established business family in Mumbai, he entered politics at a very young age and became a member of the political party founded by Mrs. Maneka Gandhi in memory of her husband Mr. Sanjay Gandhi (son of the erstwhile Prime-Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi). Later he was a member of the Parliamentary Board of the Janata Dal Party for over 18 years and participated in a ruling coalition in New Delhi. Mr. Sharma has networking, negotiation and communication skills that were most evident at the time he helped pull together the final and conclusive bit of support from the TDP (a regional political party) to help in the formation of a central government in New Delhi led by the BJP for the First time. He also has significant experience in acquiring and executing infrastructure project--including the laying of a 23 kilometers sub-sea crude pipeline for the Government of India and in getting all approvals for a long-distance rail-link on a public-private partnership basis from the Government of India. Mr. Sharma also continues to pursue various social responsibilities in his current role as the General Secretary of the BJP (India's largest political opposition party) in Maharashtra state.  
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