• A new generation city
  • 41 Islands on 30 million square meters
  • Over $1 billion (USD) invested to date

Project Background:

Khazar Islands – New City will be a comfort and maximum opportunity for work and leisure. It will have everything a modern human requires and needs for quality life - office and business centers, educational and medical institutions, hotels, entertainment facilities such as hippodrome, golf courses, concert halls, a rally track and other venues for the city elite. You will feel as free as a bird and enjoy the confidence of a future modern life for generations to come.

The Khazar Islands New City will consist of 41 different islands covering approximately three thousand hectares or thirty million square meters. The highlights are as follows:

  • Khazar Islands New City is a multi-use project consisting mainly of 25-60 stored buildings.
  • Over $1 billion (USD) has been invested to date in pilings, shoreline, infrastructure and several buildings.

The total construction area will be occupied by:

  • Homes
  • Shopping and business centers
  • Hotels and apartments
  • Amusements and recreation outlets and facilities
  • Medical facilities

150 schools (mix of public and private), 50 kindergartens, hospitals, numerous cinemas, theaters, restaurants and shopping centers, amusement parks and green spaces will be constructed on Khazar Islands.