Maximizing the value, availability, usability and cleanliness of electricity

TSG-Global Holdings has announced its strategic partnership with Alevo Group, the Energy Service Provider. TSG-Alevo will provide expertise, strategic planning, sales and marketing efforts for the distribution of GridBank technology worldwide.

GridBank is a break-through technology which is designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of electrical grids, and offers significant cost savings, increases in resource utilization and reduces pollution. TSG-Alevo will target strategic locations to open up new markets and will generate advance sales of GridBanks to private and state owned utility companies.

Initial implementation in China and Turkey have seen significant success for TSG-Alevo. These successes include strategic agreements with China-ZK for the application of GridBank technology with China’s energy utility sector. And with Turkish infrastructure service provider RBM for the purchase, sale and leasing of the GridBank technology to private and state companies in Turkey. Strategic partnerships are in progress for many other parts of the globe.


Alevo is a Swiss-based group of companies founded in 2009. Through its 9 subsidiaries, Alevo has established operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Alevo is building a vertically integrated manufacturing and deployment organization, creating a global energy storage business to work with the world’s largest energy companies. Alevo will also provide mobile energy storage solutions for truck and bus fleets as well as the marine and offshore markets.

Alevo is an energy service provider (ESP) that brings its innovative GridBank energy storage technology and intelligent grid data analytics to the electric grid. Alevo’s new source-agnostic architecture seamlessly integrates fossil fuel and renewable generation. This architecture reduces waste and GHGs, creating more reliability and new efficiencies that lower costs for utilities and consumers. The GridBank features the world’s first utility-grade battery. Alevo’s battery is based on a non-flammable, non-combustible 3rd generation lithium-ion technology with unique inorganic electrolyte chemistry that has demonstrated up to 10 times the life of competing technologies, while retaining its power capacity. Alevo holds multiple patents, and controls 100% of its IP.