• Strong consolidated operations in developing markets
  • Multi-national agreements to leverage operations
  • Delivering operational management worldwide
  • Solar and other Green energy
  • Shipping and Transportation solutions

The energy sector is rapidly changing and the consumer demands are increasing more than ever, caused by global energy providers altering their means of operation in order to meet global demands. TSG Energy Solutions is a strategic solutions provider that is positioned to evolve with the global energy demands.



  • Shipping
  • Processing
  • Blending
  • Storage
  • Export
  • Import


  • Consolidated Global Operations
  • Strategic Multi-national Agreements
  • Operational Management
  • Clean Energy Production


  • Safe and Environmentally Responsible Transportation
  • Transportation of all Hydrocarbon Products
  • Double-hulled Vessels
  • Maritime Safety and Strict Oil Terminal Procedures

Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREE) Purification

Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREE) are critical to the production, sustainment, and/or operation of significant commercial products such as electric vehicles, cellular phones, computer hard drives, big screen tv's, and much more; as well as U.S. military equipment & devices. TSG-MALACO has blueprinted and is in process of developing a large commercial environmentally friendly HREE separation and purification plant. We are planning to stockpile the largest inventory of HREE in the U.S. and to build the first Heavy Rare Earth Purification Plant. This unique proprietary and environmentally friendly processing purification plant can separate and purify individual HREE oxides required for the manufacturing of components in high-tech and defense industries.

Power Amplification Generator (PAG)

PAG uses Electromagnetic Induction & an innovative design of the core to amplify the output power, achieving Over-Unity, thus allowing the input power drawn to be only a fraction of the output power, radically reducing energy consumption and hence energy cost. PAG is compensating for the enrgy shortage around the work through electricity amplification. PAG Powers critical Infrastructure & Industrial Projects Without Increasing Carbon Footprint. PAG cuts Domestic Carbon Footprint by 80%, fulfilling global climate goals.

Solar Power in Congo (DRC) Africa

TSG, with an over twenty-year history on the continent, is investing heavily in Africa. One such investment is the construction and operation of a one-thousand megawatt photovoltaic (PV) solar power plant in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). On August 19th, 2020 TSG had a groundbreaking on the project. This project alone represents an over one-billion-dollar ($1 Billion) foreign direct investment in the DRC and will utilize clean/renewable electricity to nearly double the existing power generation capacity. Moreover, TSG with its partners are investing in modernizing the DRC’s power grid to be able to safely deliver power to fuel economic growth, create jobs, improve education, and enriching the lives of the Congolese people.

Magnetic Levitation & Propulsion

Magplane is a ground-breaking magnetic levitation and propulsion transportation system, capable of transporting 30,000 passengers up to 500 km per hour, per direction. To relieve the over-population and traffic conjestion of its eastern seaboard, China has chosen the Magplane system as part of its plan in constructing a new transit infrastructure.

Water Purification Technology

The urgent need for water purification and treatment facilities presents TSG with an opportunity to introduce a new and innovative advanced water purification technology, the CoMag Process. CoMag is an award-winning water treatment process that utilizes magnetically enhanced coagulation for the removal of contaminants from water in less time and space requirement, as well as with much lower capital, operation, and maintenance costs.